Something as simple as making the bed has been proven to improve your mood and productivity during the day, if you can’t complete this easy step at the beginning of the day then there isn’t much hope for the rest of your day (sorry to be blunt). This advice has come from lots of health and wellness enthusiasts such as Lewis Howes. I love to travel and am lucky enough to stay in some beautiful hotels which usually means very sumptuous and inviting beds and I can tell you now that they have carefully considered all the following things;

The first thing to consider are the sheets and covers, our take on this is that less is more, 99% of the time we will use a white fitted sheet with white duvet cover and pillow cases, we also don’t iron our bed sheets we make the beds and then steam the sheets once they are on, we find this much quicker and easier.

You then need to choose the right duvet, this is very personal but makes a huge difference to the overall look of your bed once made. Basically, the thicker the duvet the more cosy and luxurious your bed is going to look but you will be pleased to know that a thick duvet doesn’t have to mean hot and heavy, there are lots on the market that are thick and heavy but with a lower tog rating.

Now to the most exciting and fun part of making the bed, in our opinion a bed without dress cushions can look very sad, as a minimum we always recommend having four dress cushions to layer onto your bed, we usually have 2 60×60 and 2 50×50 cushions and we use the soft furnishings to inject colour, texture and print. Most of the cushions that we use in our projects are bespoke with hand picked fabric to match a scheme but that’s not to say they must be bespoke to make a bed look good. If you’re on a budget, home sense has a huge range of affordable cushions which are all amazing quality.
Currently I don’t have a throw on my bed at home, we bought a super thick duvet when the weather turned cold and I fold back the duvet and removed the throw. If you use a light weight duvet though I would always recommend having a throw on your bed as it adds depth and interest.

Swipe through the pictures to see some of beds that we have made.

Happy sleeping!
Love Camilla x